real estate investment services

Our Business

Alan V. Vaughan & Associates offers a highly disciplined investment philosophy, grounded in value-based services that are tailored to a client's needs, goals and risk tolerances. The company has experience in business development, policy development, and financing, particularly for businesses operating in rural, secondary, and more remote markets. Our clients include corporations, all levels of government, private investment syndicates, business development corporations, and individual high-worth investors.

The Alan V. Vaughan & Associates Advantage

  • Boutique advisory firm providing hands-on client service, uninhibited innovation, rapid response to changing marketplace conditions, and competitive pricing
  • Extensive experience in end-to-end real estate portfolio development and divestment
  • Proven track record in successful real estate investment projects
  • Canada-wide experience in numerous geographic markets
  • Strong business network

The skill sets, expertise and resources of Alan V. Vaughan & Associates can be augmented as required for the assignment. The company has strong working relationships with a network of other consultancies across Canada covering legal, financial, valuation and research services. Clients will benefit from the creation of professional, experienced teams that are specifically developed around their needs.

Scope of Services

  • Identification and analysis of targeted geographic market opportunities
  • Identification of targeted individual or accretive income property buying opportunities
  • Identification of individual development opportunities (land identification, site development plans)
  • Preparation and analysis of pro formas, accretion models and rates of return for potential investments
  • Critical analysis of portfolio performance
  • Design and implementation of financing strategies
  • Design of operating plans as part of acquisition strategies
  • Purchase and divestment negotiations
  • Creation of purchase and divestment agreement documents
  • Management of due diligence processes and closings      tel: (403) 388 9727     cell: (403) 632 6798